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What is Strategic Human Resource Management?

Human Resources sometimes gets a bad rap for being the people who say “no.” True, part of HR’s responsibility in a company is to make sure that employees and management are complying with regulations and policies, but long-term trends have shown that HR professionals are becoming more and more strategic. But what does strategic human resource management look like?

In this blog, we’ll explore a few ways in which strategic human resource professionals work as integral members of growing, successful businesses.

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The Right Leader for Non-profits

Managing the Leader’s Transition

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What to Look For in a Grand Rapids Human Resources Provider

For businesses, it’s a good time to be in Grand Rapids. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the Grand Rapids metropolitan area was the fastest growing economy in the United States in 2016, at a 4.4% increase in total workforce by the end of the year. And with business booming in Grand Rapids, human resources may be the next step in your company’s expansion. An HR provider could be the answer to your needs, but where do you begin?

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How Executive Search Consultants can Help Find Your Next Leader

One of the most important and daunting responsibilities of nonprofit governing boards is finding a new leader for the nonprofit organization. Your board must build consensus on what they need in a leader, and then conduct the search itself, which can involve weeks of candidate communication and interviews. What’s more, all of this is in addition to the board’s normal responsibilities, and the volunteers’ outside obligations.

This is where executive search consultants can be a valuable and effective resource. They can help boards with the entire process, guiding the organization to identify what the organization needs in a new leader, create a compelling job profile and promote the position to active and passive candidates, as well as facilitating interviews, and helping you select the right candidate.

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HR Tips for Office Social Media Management

As of September 2017, a jaw-dropping 30% of time spent online for all digital consumers is spent on social media websites. For employers, that number may be worrying. While social media use may seem like a productivity killer, it can also be a valuable asset to your company. We’re here with another round of HR tips on how to make social media work for your business.

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