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6 Tips to Help Improve Company Culture

In any company, a clearly defined business culture is crucial to the productivity of its employees. Without an easy-to-understand set of expectations, it can be difficult for people to work with one another. You understand the importance of company culture, but what if something just isn’t working the way you think it should? How do you take a culture that’s lagging and breathe new life into it?

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The Top 4 HR Department Myths, Busted

You might hear a lot of things about what human resources is as well as what it isn’t, but how do you separate fact from fiction? What are HR professionals really trying to accomplish for your company? To help clarify fact from fiction, we’re taking on 4 of the most common myths we commonly get questions about:

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Avoiding Recruitment Pitfalls

Recruitment is in full swing in the state of Michigan. In June 2017, Michigan’s jobless rate hit 3.8%. This is the lowest jobless rate Michigan has seen since way back in August 2000.

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Why Your Entire Team Should Be Involved in the Hiring Process

For many years, the human resources team and the hiring manager managed the entire process of hiring new employees. It makes sense because they have to hire, train, and monitor the productivity of the person in the new role. So, they should be the only ones to have the final say and determine who gets the position, right?

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The Employee Handbook's Impact on Culture

We tend to look at employee handbooks as a book of rules. But it doesn’t have to be all about compliance.

A handbook should be the tool that explains everything about the culture of an organization. It is part guidebook, part legacy. When an employee understands your organization's philosophy – how YOU view the “bigger picture” – you can help them better understand why you want them to adhere to the rules outlined in the handbook. When your employees understand the why’s, instead of just the how’s, they will be more likely to comply with your standards and buy-in to the culture – resulting in a better level of engagement.

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How to Encourage Job Retention With Today’s Millennial Workforce

Recent studies show that millennial workers of today are moving jobs more than ever, causing challenges for those invested in the future business planning and growth initiatives of an organization. As a business leader who’s looking to succeed and scale over the long-term, how can you ensure you are doing everything you can to keep these fast-paced employees on your payroll for more than just a couple years?

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