Working in HR? Trends to Watch For in 2018

To say that this past year has been interesting for the field of human resources would be vastly understating it. For people working in HR, the events of 2017 have caused both headache and important ...

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By HR Collaborative on Dec 18, 2017


What is Strategic Human Resource Management?

Human Resources sometimes gets a bad rap for being the people who say “no.” True, part of HR’s responsibility in a company is to make sure that employees and management are complying with regulations ...

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By HR Collaborative on Nov 20, 2017

HR, Culture

The Impact HR Services Can Have on Company Culture

If you talk with anyone in talent recruitment these days, they’ll tell you one of the leading conversations they have with both applicants and business leaders alike centers around the importance of ...

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By HR Collaborative on Aug 10, 2017

Employee Relations, HR

Pokémon Go in the workplace?

Lisa Cooper spoke with the Grand Rapids Business journal about the popular game Pokémon Go.

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By hannah on Aug 1, 2016

Compliance, FLSA, HR, duties test

The Duties Test

The exempt salary threshold may be getting all the press, but the duties test is just as important to determine your employee’s exempt status. HR Collaborative has teamed up with the Small Business ...

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By hannah on Jul 27, 2016