Employee Relations

6 Tips to Improve Employee Retention

Today, so much attention is placed on hiring: how do you attract young talent to your organization? What does your employer brand look like, and how do you refine it? What is the candidate ...

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By HR Collaborative on Jun 29, 2018


How to Choose a Hiring Assessment

Hiring assessments have become a critical part of the hiring process for many organizations--so much so that there’s no lack of options on the market. The right assessment can help you take some of ...

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By HR Collaborative on Jun 22, 2018


8 Types of Company Culture to Inspire Your Own

A company’s culture can be hard to define; for most employees, they can exist in their company’s culture without ever giving any thought to what it actually means. But culture is extremely important ...

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By HR Collaborative on Jun 6, 2018

Employee Relations, Culture

How Do You Measure Employee Satisfaction?

Have you ever had a job where you counted the minutes until the end of the day from the moment you walked through the door? How about one where you didn’t mind staying late to help wrap up a project? ...

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By HR Collaborative on May 24, 2018

Employee Relations, Culture

HR Tips: 5 Strategies for Helping Different Personalities Work Together

Conflict is difficult - it can slow down projects, drain enthusiasm, and even damage relationships, but there’s no real way to completely avoid it when two or more people are working together. Work ...

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By HR Collaborative on May 21, 2018

hiring, Talent Management

Template: Hiring Process Checklist

Getting ready to begin searching for your next great employee? Hiring is exciting, but it’s also an involved process that’s full of potentials for missteps and errors. Start out on the right foot ...

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By HR Collaborative on May 14, 2018

Employee Relations, Culture, Talent Management

What is HR's Role in the World of the Remote Workforce

Telecommuting, working remotely, home-sourcing, telework - whatever you choose to call it, one of the biggest trends in many industries today is the rise of the remote workforce. With improvements in ...

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By HR Collaborative on May 1, 2018

grand rapids, west michigan, Leadership, Culture, Talent Management

The Importance of the Team

What is a team? It seems like a simple question, almost to the point of ridiculousness. But what are the qualities that define a great team? Trust? Chemistry? Ability? Everyone’s gone through a ...

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By HR Collaborative on Apr 24, 2018

hiring, recruiting

How HR Onboarding Can Help the Whole Company

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression - it’s an old adage, but one that still rings true. When it comes to hiring new employees, they’ll only ever have one first day, week, month, and ...

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By HR Collaborative on Apr 19, 2018