By HR Collaborative on Aug 1, 2017

When you think of HR companies, your first thought is probably along the lines of the payroll process and the implementation of the handbook policies. And while HR Collaborative is happy to help with those more standard HR processes, there’s a lot more to what we can provide when it comes to supporting the longevity and future success of your business. One of those services offerings is our Talent Search Management Program. This helpful resource takes the headache out of weeding through a stack of resumes and focuses on getting only the qualified candidates in your office for interviews.

Here’s a little bit more about our Talent Search Management Program:

We Take Time to Learn Your Business
Many staffing or HR companies of today fail to take the time to understand the unique elements of each business they serve. At HR Collaborative, we invest time and resources getting to know the companies we partner with, so we can quickly identify the talent that would enhance the business most effectively.

We Do The Leg Work
Posting to job sites, collecting resumes, conducting phone screens, all the “grunt work” that can make the talent search a daunting process is done for you with HR Collaborative. Then, after we find a potential candidate, we even assist you in the interview process with behavioral-based interviews to further qualify and learn about the candidates. Although we work swiftly and with urgency, we don’t push a candidate into a position who may not be the right fit simply because we have a desire to fill the role. We are committed to finding the right person who meets the needs of your unique company culture.

Providing Post-Hire Support
Finding a potential candidate is wonderful, but our work doesn’t have to stop there. We can also help in creating descriptions for your current and future job roles, drafting the offer letters, ordering background checks, and the development of the employee compensation plan.

Committed to Transparency
Our Talent Search Management Team is committed to methods that are inclusive, thorough and transparent. Our team makes no vested interest in a particular candidate, so you can rest easy knowing we are 100% invested in finding the right hire for your specific business needs. We are so committed to finding the right person that we don’t accept payment for our services until you make a hire.

If you need assistance recruiting candidates for a job role or are struggling to identify the right talent with a current posting, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We’d be happy to provide more information on how we can help.